behind the scenes of a political offensive

Élisabeth Borne on June 16, 2023, in Matignon. Sébastien SORIANO

NARRATIVE – Confirmed at Matignon in July, reinforced at the start of the school year after having tempered the ambitions of Gérald Darmanin, the Prime Minister intends to increase her political weight. Despite the expected returns from 49.3 and the threats of censorship which risk weakening his business.

A large yellow Pikachu was painted on a wall. Pink blazer, black heels, Élisabeth Borne approaches: “Is it gouache?“. “Acrylic”, we respond. This Monday, September 4, back to school day in this high school in Liffré (Ille-et-Vilaine), the Prime Minister listens to students tell her about their artistic projects, in front of a fresco of the most famous Pokémon. An improved version of its first formula, Pichu: more powerful, faster, more efficient in attack and defense. Almost the portrait that the Prime Minister’s supporters paint of her.

Since she saved her place in Matignon at the end of July, Élisabeth Borne intends to strengthen her political weight. Dispatched on August 27 to Tourcoing (North) to curb the political offensive of his minister Gérald Darmaninpresented three days later alongside Emmanuel Macron during the meeting with party leaders in Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis), busy preparing her return to Parliament at the end of the month… For her second return to the head of government, she wants to silence those who still see in the polytechnician a “tech“.

Faced with each text, faced with each decision, we must identify our opponents and rely on our allies. In short, doing politics», Launched the tenant of Matignon on Wednesday, in front of Emmanuel Macron and his government gathered at the Élysée. His new Minister of National Education, Gabriel Attal, observed: “She is relegitimized, this gives her confidence to move forward“.

Budget 2024, immigration bill, labor law, ecological planning, anti-harment plan… His roadmap is busy. And pitfalls are everywhere, at the risk of weakening its ambitions…

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