behind the scenes of the arrival in Guadeloupe of the 30 candidates for Miss France 2023

REPORTAGE – The contenders for the title of Miss France 2023 are preparing for the election on the Caribbean archipelago. Alexia Laroche-Joubert, president of Miss France, and the former director of the competition, Sylvie Tellier, are at their side, three days after their clash in public.

The thermometer showed 30 degrees when the thirty candidates Miss France 2023 have set foot in Guadeloupe. This Monday, around 2:30 p.m. local time, the last class of Misses arrived on the host island of the preparation trip. To welcome them on the tarmac, an orchestra and dancers had made the trip despite the showers. And even perched on their stiletto heels, the regional Misses did not need to be asked to wiggle their hips to the rhythm of the tom-toms. Diane LeyreMiss France 2022, Cindy Fabréthe new competition director and her predecessor Sylvie Tellier, joined them. Same Alexia Laroche-Joubertpresident of Miss France, also indulged in a few dance steps, reminding us of the time when she was the director of “Star Academy” and that she let loose during the primes.

A few hours earlier, all the Miss France staff had met at Terminal 4 at Orly to escort the apprentice beauty queens. With a Diane Leyre very involved in her role as godmother. “The Miss France adventure is very similar to “Koh-Lanta””she first launched to the girls in the hall of the airport. “It’s about surpassing yourself, getting out of your comfort zone”she added before having them sing the promotion anthem, The Champs-Élysées by Joe Dassin, revisited. “An adventure like “Koh-Lanta”, except that we sleep in beautiful sheets”, can we hear in particular in the lyrics. Diane Leyre who says to herself ” nostalgic “ soon to return his crown will return to see his proteges for a long time during the eight hours of flight to reassure them. “She gave us a boost”confirms Miss Limousin.

Selfies and make-up workshop

The candidates have already been able to discover a taste of celebrity. The few passengers on the plane were surprised to find themselves on this particular flight. “Where is Miss Brittany? », asks a Breton woman, phone in hand, determined to immortalize her favorite. The stars of the day are happy to take a few selfies, but on the sole condition that they are at least two Misses in the photo, that’s the rule. An hour before landing, it’s time to swap the departure jeans and marinières for long green dresses with sequins. And to improvise make-up workshops in the four occupied rows at the back of the plane.

Miss France 2023: the official photos of the 30 candidates

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What about the atmosphere between Alexia Laroche-Joubert and Sylvie Tellier? Last Friday, they were torn during the Parisian press conference. Tensions now seem to have eased. Well, at least in appearance. When they get off the plane, the two women talk. An hour later, during a new press conference organized at their hotel, Alexia Laroche-Joubert even pays tribute to Miss France 2002: “I would like to thank Sylvie without whom this trip would not have been possible”. “Thank you Alexia”, replies the person concerned. The buried hatchet?

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