Bellator bought by the PFL, the rising league

With the signing of Francis Ngannou in May and the announced takeover of Bellator, a major MMA entity, the Professional Fighters League (PFL) is emerging as an increasingly serious competitor to the UFC.

There Professional Fighters League (PFL)the league that is rising in the world of mixed martial arts, announced Monday the acquisition of another major MMA entity, Bellator, posing as an increasingly serious competitor to the UFC, the reference organization of this combat sport.

The PFL had already struck a major blow last May by poaching world star Francis Ngannou, who was the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight champion at the time. She also recently recruited Frenchman Cédrid Doumbé.

“World power”

PFL announced it has completed the acquisition of Bellator from Paramount Global, creating a global powerhouse in mixed martial arts and allowing the combined company to quickly become the industry’s co-leader“, the organization said in a statement. Financial details of the acquisition have not been disclosed.

The PFL is now a global power in the field of MMA», welcomed its founder and president, Donn Davis. “The acquisition of Bellator furthers the PFL’s mission to innovate the sport and become the industry’s co-leader.»

By combining the number of fighters from the two organizations, the new entity now has a field equivalent to that of the UFC, he specifies.

Founded in 2017, the PFL is a growing organization, which has multiplied highlights and media stunts in recent months to emerge in the landscape of the different MMA leagues.

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