Benjamin Castaldi confides in his financial situation

Benjamin Castaldi confides in his financial situation

VIDEO – Regular columnist and occasional host in “Touche pas à mon poste!” on C8, he returns to the state of his finances in the program “Chez Jordan”.

Finances and pensions are the subject at the heart of the news in this day of mobilization what is March 7, 2023. Invited this morning on the set of “Chez Jordan”, Benjamin Castaldi indulged in a few pecuniary confidences.

Formerly at the head of the programs “Loft Story” and “Nouvelle Star” on M6 then of the first eight seasons of “Secret Story” on TF1, Benjamin Castaldi is today a columnist in ” Do not touch My TV! » . Every week, he comments on the news alongside Matthieu Delormeau, Valérie Benaïm and even Guillaume Genton against Cyril Hanouna. This is his only professional activity, as he confirms to Jordan De Luxe: ” Whether TPMP stops, I’m not going to lie to you, it’s a disaster. Whether TPMP stops, two months later, I’m on the street”.

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” I live day by day “

“I don’t have an economy, I don’t have any assets, I don’t have a side circle. If Cyril throws me out tomorrow, I’ll be in the street… Well, not because I would go to my mother’s or my mother-in-law’s. I would be housed, I would have a roof, continues Benjamin Castaldi. He adds : ” I live day by day. I live month to month. I have Aurore who keeps the accounts. Like many French people, we know that sometimes, on the 20th of the month, she says to me: “damn, it’s going to shoot at the end of the month, so watch out” ».

Benjamin Castaldi then specifies that this is the case of “many TV hosts or people. There are periods when you earn a good living and others less, it’s complicated sometimes “. But he remains optimistic, then saying on the set of C8 that he will have “a good retirement”. Jordan De Luxe then tries to guess the amount he will receive each month. “I won’t tell you how much. But I will have a nice retirement, as I was on a permanent contract at TF1 and M6, I really “cashtonné”. I’ll be fine,” replies Cyril Hanouna’s columnist before adding “I won’t get better, but I’ll be okay”.

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