Benjamin Duhamel gets annoyed with Sébastien Cauet live on BFMTV

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The comedian and radio host came out of silence for the first time since the accusations of and ault against him. A tense interview on the continuous news channel.

Sébastien Cauet came out, for the first time, from silence for the first time, this Sunday, December 10, since accusations of and ault of which he is the subject. An interview which turned out to be particularly tense between the journalist Benjamin Duhamel and the guest.

“Mr. Duhamel, everything is false, everything is lies.” This sentence appeared as the only answer – and therefore defense – to the questions of the presenter of BFMTV. But the latter did not give up. “You don’t quite answer my question: has nothing ever happened between you, even in a consensual way according to you?”, he asked, referring to Julie Olliver, the first to file a complaint against Cauet. The comedian, with a closed face, said he could not say anything about what was filed with the police. These elements in no way satisfied Benjamin Duhamel who persisted. “You are not answering my question”he shouted to his guest.

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“Everything is false, everything is a lie”

The journalist’s exasperation did not seem to stop Sébastien Cauet who, from then on, interrupted the floor on multiple occasions by offering answers that Benjamin Duhamel was not asking for. “Wait Sébastien Cauet, here we are not in the judge’s office […] There is no media court. You have the floor here, your lawyers have been invited on TV sets. So I ask my question again. Did you have a romantic or relationship with this complainant?” New attempt remained in vain for Benjamin Duhamel who was confronted with the same speech made by the comedian since the start of the interview. “I won’t give up. Everything is false and everything is lies, I tell you and I will stop there.”

The tone rose another notch between the two men when the journalist broadcast screenshots of the alleged conversations that Sébastien Cauet would have had with one of the complainants. “What do you not understand about “it’s an editing” And “it’s a fake”», the guest was very clearly annoyed after the stubbornness of Benjamin Duhamel’s questions. The journalist finally decided to continue the rest of the interview before returning at the end of the interview, once again, to the famous question: “did you have relations with this young girl?”

Obviously one attempt too many. Sébastien Cauet, arms outstretched on the desk, head lowered and eyes closed, deliberately blew particularly loudly to show his exasperation. “Since earlier I have been telling you that everything is false and everything is a lie. We’re not going to spend the evening there!” The interview ultimately lasted more than a quarter of an hour despite this electric atmosphere.

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