Benjamin Duhamel responds to accusations of favoritism

FIGARO LIVE – Son of Patrice Duhamel and Nathalie Saint-Cricq, the political journalist, at the head of “BFM Politique” on Sunday, responded to those who consider him a boost.

It is the political journalist who rises. At 29, Benjamin Duhamel won this return to the presentation of “BFM Politique”, a program broadcast at midday every Sunday, where for an hour, he cooks politics. At 6 p.m., the same day, he is back on the air for “It’s not every day on Sunday”, a slice of information offered until 8 p.m. “I have a relationship of trust with Marc-Olivier Fogiel (general manager of BFMTV, Ed.)I measure every day how lucky I am to be pushed like that“, Testifies the interested party to “Buzz TV” this Thursday, who knew his boss, when he debuted on RTL in 2017. “At the time, he was the owner of “RTL Soir” and I did my first radio papers in his section», teaches us the son of Patrice Duhamel and of Nathalie Saint-Cricq.

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During this interview, this former student of Sciences Po returned to his famous surname which sometimes earned him criticism. They don’t particularly affect him. “Has having the parents that I have helped me in the profession? Obviously, answers Benjamin Duhamel. It would be indecent to consider that I left in the life of the media with the same luck as if my parents did not work there. Me, now my goal is to show people that I’m not just a son of and that I deserve the place I have. It is a long process“, he continues.

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I know that there are many people who dream of being journalists and who sometimes have difficulty finding a place in an editorial office. I would be in no position to say that the reviews are unbearable. I just want people to judge me on play. Don’t disqualify me on principle. Like everyone, I can make mistakes, do more or less good interviews“, still defends Benjamin Duhamel who has never considered taking a pseudonym. “Without tremolo, I have a pion for my family, I am very close to them, I am very proud to carry the name that I have“, he wishes to underline.

“I have no hostility towards Cyril Hanouna”

Benjamin Duhamel at “Buzz TV” on September 7, 2023

His parents, his father, the former leader of France Télévisions and his mother, a political columnist on France 2, ped on this pion for journalism to him. “At the table, we talked about politics, about the media. They told me things that I had not been able to experience. Giscard, Chirac, Mitterrand to the point that sometimes at BFM, some make fun of me a little», jokes the one who is also the nephew ofAlain Duhamelwhich operates on BFMTV.

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Benjamin Duhamel also gave on “Face à Baba”, the political program of Cyril Hanouna. Last April, the host and producer of C8 pinned the journalist for refusing to quote his show on BFMTV. “I did not refuse to quote it. I remember well, I had used a French expression “not to quote it”. I know him Cyril Hanouna, when I was on an internship a long time ago at Fun Radio, he hosted at the time “La bonne touche” on RTL with Jean-Pierre Foucault and I saw him“, remembers Benjamin Duhamel who watched “Face à Baba” during the presidential campaign.

No need to have a patent to make political programs as long as we try to put the guests face to face with their contradictions and that we don’t roll out the red carpet for them“, he believes. And to add:I have no hostility towards Cyril Hanouna. He also explained that I had asked him for an internship. I really like Cyril but I have never asked for or been on an internship with him.he still wants to correct.

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