Benoît Paire has won his wildcard for Roland-Garros, the FFT admits his mistake

The FFT made its mea culpa in its press release published on Monday. “Erratum: after verification, the “international circuit” wildcard, initially awarded to Hugo Gaston, goes to Benoît Paire”can we read there.

Paire and Gaston will be accompanied by Arthur Cazaux (20 years old, 197th), Arthur Fils (18 years old, 119th, holder of the Destination Roland-Garros – Circuit France wild-card), Hugo Grenier (27 years old, 124th) and by Giovanni Mpetshi-Perricard (19 years old, 233rd).

Among the women, the beneficiaries of the invitations for the final table are Clara Burel (22 years old, 108th, wild-Card Destination Roland-Garros – international circuit), Séléna Janicijevic (20 years old, 189th), Léolia Jeanjean (27 years old, 125th) , Kristina Mladenovic (30 years old, 153rd), Diane Parry (20 years old, 109th) and Jessika Ponchet (26 years old, 119th, holder of the Destination Roland-Garros wild-card – circuit France).

Fiona Ferro invited to qualifying tournament

Invitations were also given for the qualifying table. Among women, they benefit Alice Albie (28 years old, 241st), Loïs Boisson (19 years old, 495th), Emeline Dartron (23 years old, 393rd), Fiona Ferro (26 years old, 392nd), Emma Lene (23 years old, 418th ), Daphnée Mpetshi-Perricard (14 years old, no WTA ranking), Nina Radovanovic (19 years old, 558th), Margaux Rouvroy (22 years old, 292nd, wild-card Destination Roland-Garros – circuit France) and Alice Tubello (22 years old , 342e).

Among the boys, Dan Added (24 years old, 251st), Térence Atmane (21 years old, 249th, wild-card Destination Roland-Garros – international circuit), Gabriel Debru (17 years old, 533rd), Titouan Droguet (21 years old, 275th) , Mathys Erhard (21 years old, 361st), Arthur Gea (18 years old, 982nd), Antoine Ghibaudo (18 years old, 734th), Sasha Gueymard-Wayenburg (19 years old, 396th) and Harold Mayot (21 years old, 196th, wild-card Destination Roland-Garros – international circuit) enter the qualifying table.

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