Benoît Saint-Denis, a warrior from France

PORTRAIT – While serving in the special forces, the Nîmes stopped his military career to do the honor of France in the MMA. In a few years of a meteoric career, he made a name for himself in this very popular combat sport and could soon be among the best fighters in his category.

This article is from the “Figaro Magazine”

Bercy, September 3, 2022. For the first time, a Frenchman fights for the UFC on national soil. The UFC, the largest MMA organization in the world. These three letters mean mixed martial arts. It is a combat sport of wild beauty where almost all blows are allowed, standing and on the ground, which is played in an octagon-shaped cage, and which has only been legal in France for three years. The room is bubbling. The lights go out. The commandos’ anthem rocks the gigantic speakers. A man walks towards the cage. His name is Benoît Saint-Denis.

France discovers a little amazed that, for fifteen years, wrestlers from all over the world have been fighting under the eyes of millions of television viewers in this sport tailor-made to be the most effective of all. Champions from judo, English boxing, kickboxing, Brazilian ju-jitsu, Olympic wrestling, karate, come to compete for the…

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