Berlin in turn allows topless women in its swimming pools

Berlin in turn allows topless women in its swimming pools

The culture of the free body. For some, it was about ending discrimination. Women will now be able to swim topless in swimming pools in Berlin, announced Thursday, in the name of the fight against discrimination between men and women, the direction of the swimming pools of the German capital.

This announcement follows a referral to the Berlin office for the fight against discrimination by a woman who felt she was discriminated against compared to men who can swim bare-chested. According to BBCa second woman said she was asked to cover up when she was in an indoor swimming pool in December.

“Following the referral, the company Berliner Bäder-Betriebe will apply in the future its internal regulations and its regulations of the baths in such a way as to respect gender equality”, announced the management in a press release. “Shirtless swimming will be possible in the future for females or for people with female chest types,” she said. The genitals must always be covered.

Parks and gardens already open to nudists

The city of Berlin’s anti-discrimination mediation service “warmly welcomed” this decision. “It is now a question of applying the regulations in a concrete way and of no longer pronouncing expulsion or prohibition of access”, argues its director, Doris Liebscher, in a press release.

Last April, the city of Göttingen, in the center of the country, was the first in the country to authorize the practice of bare breasts in its swimming pools. A measure intended for more thangender equality. Germany has often been a precursor for the liberation of bodies. Several cities have already allowed nudity in a number of public spaces. What had given a hilarious scene when a naked man ran, in 2020, behind a boar who had stolen his things.

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