Berlin’s candidacy is “imaginable”, according to the German Minister of Sports

A candidacy from Berlin to organize the Olympic Games in 2036, 100 years after the 1936 Olympics under the Third Reich, is “imaginable” declared the German Minister of Sports on Friday.

The Olympics in 2036 will mark the centenary of 1936 Gamesorganized in Berlin by the Third Reich and used by the Nazis and the dictator Adolf Hitler as a propaganda tool for the regime.

The 1936 Games were terrible. The Nazis organized these Games and wanted to stage“, underlined Minister Nancy Faeser in an interview published by the online information site”The Pioneer“.

According to her, there is still historic work to be done on the running of these Games, on the occasion of the coming centenary. “It is therefore also conceivable that we do this work of historical memory at the place where it happened, where the exclusion took place, the contempt for humanity“, she justified.

The International Olympic Committee has already awarded editions of the2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles (California) And 2032 in Brisbane (Australia). According to the principle of rotation of the continents, a return to Europe for 2036 is probable.

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