Berlusconi, today the resignation from the San Raffaele hospital in Milan

Silvio Berlusconi is expected to resign from the San Raffaele hospital after 45 days of hospitalization in the late morning. The exit is foreseen by car from the entrance in via Olgettina 60, where journalists and onlookers are waiting for him. The President of Forza Italia had been hospitalized for a lung infection, connected to the chronic myelomonocytic leukemia he has been suffering from for some time, which had forced him to bed first in intensive care and then from 17 April to a long stay in an ordinary ward in the pavilion Q. The first to pay homage to the knight was Matteo Salvini, who wrote in a post: «Welcome back to casa grande Silvio».

What is certain is that hospitalization was not enough to shift the party’s center of gravity for the moment: he remains the leader. During the days in the hospital from the entrance on Via Olgettina there was always a coming and going of cars. Not only for the visits of relatives and long-standing friends, such as the President of Mediaset, Fedele Confalonieri, but also of the leaders of the coalition parties, so much so that a sort of center-right summit was held on 14 May, with a visit to morning of the premier Giorgia Meloni and that in the afternoon of the leader of the League Matteo Salvini. However, the Forza Italia President also showed himself on video, recording two messages right in the hospital: the first released at the conclusion of the blue convention in Milan and the other for the last administrations, inviting citizens to vote.

Berlusconi, the new video from the San Raffaele is an appeal for the administrative authorities: “Those who don’t vote are not good Italians”

Precisely on this point, a summit was held yesterday between the coordinators of Forza Italia, at the end of which Antonio Tajani reiterated that with the results achieved Fi «confirms itself as the only reference party of the moderates, founder in Europe of the EPP and a fundamental pillar, in Italy, for the coalition». In Forza Italia’s DNA there is “the culture of good governance and the meetings scheduled in these days with the economic categories – he added – will give the right push to find the necessary solutions in the field of industrial policy, labor policy and for the protection of the territory”.

Meloni at the San Raffaele from Berlusconi: “He is in an excellent mood, he works incessantly on the main dossiers”

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