Bernardo’s father goes to a new trial in Três Passos

Bernardo’s father goes to a new trial in Três Passos

“I hope to do justice to the boy Bernardo. I really hope that Leandro Boldrini (father) remains imprisoned and condemned. This child is an angel who came into the world to suffer. I am dedicating myself to the fullest to seek Justice for the Bernardo case.” This statement was made this Wednesday (15) by the prosecutor Lúcia Helena de Lima Callegari, at the headquarters of the Public Ministry of RS, in Porto Alegre. She will act at the reopening of Leandro Boldrini’s jury next Monday, the 20th, in the city of Três Passos.

In addition to the prosecutor, the trial will have in plenary the prosecutor Miguel Germano Podanosche. “Everyone is waiting for a final outcome so that this child can rest. In fact, all of Três Passos society needs to rest in relation to this case”, he pointed out. Lúcia Helena informed that she will travel to Três Passos before the trial and will also be in Frederico Westphalen to see the grave where the boy Bernardo was placed and the house where the 11-year-old boy lived.

The trial is expected to last four days. “The Public Prosecutor’s Office expects the maximum possible penalty even more so in a crime with this refinement of cruelty. In the first trial, he was sentenced to 30 years”, he commented. However, the Court of Justice of Rio Grande do Sul (TJ / RS) understood that in the case of Leandro Boldrini there was an irregularity during the trial – during the interrogation, questions were asked by the Public Ministry despite the doctor having invoked the right to silence.

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