Bertrand Chameroy dismisses the management of “C à vous” after a big failure

Thursday evening on France 5, the end of the comedian’s column on the talk show hosted by Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine did not go as planned.

From Monday to Friday on France 5, the last ten minutes of “C to you” are devoted to the chronicle of Bertrand Chameroy. In his daily “ABC”, the latter addresses a selection of current affairs subjects in images, bringing a humorous dimension that is effective to say the least. An event appreciated by viewers and those present around the table of the talk show presented by Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine, whose impact is based, in particular, on the launches of the management.

As has happened a few times in the past, Bertrand Chameroy was faced with a small technical failure when launching his final projection. about Scottish rugby player Dave Cherry. Falling down the stairs of his hotel, the hooker had to forfeit the rest of the World Cup currently taking place in France. The columnist for “C à vous” wanted people to guess this information in the form of a multiple choice question, like the game “Who wants to be a millionaire?” “. Unfortunately, the punchline of his skit was thrown on screen prematurely.

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“Aaah!” What’s better than throwing the punchline before the joke?, quipped Bertrand Chameroy by discovering the broadcast of images of an advertit for a stair lift. Not enough to disconcert him, the columnist was at the end of his gag amid general hilarity. Even failed jokes are successful. “Thank you Bertrand”as Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine repeats every evening at the end of “C à vous”.

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