Bertrand Chameroy teases Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine in “C à vous”

Bertrand Chameroy teases Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine in “C à vous”

Bertrand Chameroy in “C to you” Screenshot

VIDEO – The columnist listed the blunders of the France 5 talk host in a kindly mocking chronicle of “The ABC”.

Each broadcast ofIt’s up to you» ends with the chronicle of Bertrand Chameroy , “the ABC”. In this humorous patch, he comments on the news and the highlights that happened on the set of the programs broadcast the day before. This Friday, February 3, he played at home, at the expense ofAnne-Elisabeth Lemoine .

appreciated for its “spontaneity, its blunders and its blunders”, as recently underlined by Sophie Davantthe replay of the journalist’s interventions this week in “C à vous” offered a boulevard of nice valves to Bertrand Chameroy. “You knew how to coat your circumspection with delicacy” he begins before broadcasting the images where she speaks to the guest chef of the week Loïc Lourmière, who officiates in the kitchens of the Bel Ami in Étretat. This Thursday, he had decided to serve a burnt cabbage to the guests of the France 5 broadcast. “I’m going to open a restaurant, that’s it, it’s decided because I, who burn everything, now it’s a recipe in the big restaurants” the host had told him candidly. “Loïc is currently cared for by the “comfort and cocooning” cell reserved for the heads of “C à vous”” adds Chameroy, who does not intend to stop there.

A weak defense

“Yesterday, Babeth, France discovered that you didn’t know the group Tragédie which had success in the 2000s. I don’t blame you, it can happen to everyone to prefer to listen to good music. On the other hand, your alibi is very limited… I think you take me for a bit of an idiot. strikes the columnist. The magneto of the sequence in question is launched. We discover the host pretending not to have “something to listen to music”. A weak defense, indeed. “C to you” will end despite everything in a good mood.

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