Bertrand Deckers’ revelations about the author who scratches the British royal family

INTERVIEW – Invited on the set of “Buzz TV” to discuss his Little dictionary of royaltythe specialist on crowned heads comments on Omid Scobie’s book which is causing a lot of ink to flow across the Channel.

This is the book that will still cause a lot of ink to flow in Great Britain. Endgame (published by HarperCollins in France) which comes out this November 28, signed by the British journalist Omid Scobie. Guest on the “Buzz TV” set this Tuesday to promote his Little dictionary of royalty (Robert Laffont editions), Bertrand Deckers , a specialist in crowned heads, looked through the book in preview. “He deals with the truth and rewrites history his way», summarizes the regular speaker of “Touche pas à mon poste!”.

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In his book, the Briton reveals that Harry learned of his grandmother’s death from the BBC, that Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle have not spoken to each other since 2019. For Bertrand Deckers, Omid Scobie wrote “an instructive investigation“. But the Belgian points out inaccuracies. “He tells us, for example, that Harry took a charter to reach London, in other words a commercial flight. I know minute by minute what happened on the day of Elizabeth II’s death. It’s not true, he took a private jet, there are photos», affirms Bertrand Deckers who is convinced that Omid Scobie is “the armed arm» of the Sussexes. “He adores and defends Harry and Meghan as I adore and defend William and Kate. (…) Can someone explain to me why he was seen several times this summer in California, home of Harry and Meghan?he questions. It’s true that after all it’s more fun than London to write…», quips Bertrand Deckers. “He says what Harry couldn’t say in his memoirs», he continues before specifying that Meghan Markle is writing her memories in Windsor.

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According to Scobie, Prince William is a “ambitious» who is only waiting for one thing: for his father Charles III to abdicate to leave him the throne. “William is a complex character, raised with the prospect that one day he will be king, who is forgiven everything», admits Bertrand Deckers. “He experienced this trauma Diana who grew up with these s. But above all he is the worthy heir of Elizabeth II. She received it once or twice a week during her schooling. Even Prince Philipp did not attend. And for Elizabeth II, only duty and the institution count. William has in his veins the icy blood that Elizabeth II had. He will not hesitate for a moment to cut a branch if it weakens the Windsor tree. What he did with Harry. For me, there is and there will be no more contact”believes this worthy heir of Stéphane Bern.

In his book, Bertrand Deckers devotes only three ellipses to Meghan Markle when Kate Middleton is entitled to three pages. “Above all, I wanted to offer those who are interested in the royal family, the little stories of rediscovering a world in which Meghan Markle did not yet exist.“, he tackles. Among the members of the royal family, Prince Harry is the one with whom Bertrand Deckers identifies the most. “ I have a lot in common with him. I also have this trauma of having lost my mother in somewhat similar and brutal circumstances.», he reveals. Suffering from devastating liver cancer, his mother ped away without him being present at her bedside. “I was 22 years old and they didn’t want to be told she was dying because I had a career to pursue. I was not able to witness my mother’s last minutes and I will never forgive myself for that. When I arrived, too late, I stole a key from the funeral home where it was on display. I had this need to be alone with her. I know what it’s like to grow and evolve with these flaws so I can understand why Harry wanted to get out of the Windsor clan“.

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