Between dances and praise of “gentleness”… Marie Toussaint launches “the fight” of environmentalists in Europe

Marie Toussaint. European Union / European Union / Hans Lucas vi

REPORTING – Unlike in 2019, the head of the list warned that environmentalists would campaign this time “with the wind in their face” as the adversaries of ecology have, according to her, multiplied.

Support that we didn’t see coming, an unexpected guest from “civil society”, a new proposal in the speech… It’s a fact, “surprises”, always announced by political parties before meetings, are often disappointing. But we must recognize that, this Saturday evening, at the Élysée Montmartre, the environmentalists set the bar very high. “Let your butt fly!”, launch three dancers on stage, specialized in “booty therapy”. Magic does the rest: now the entire party staff, from Yannick Jadot to Sandrine Rousseau, is waddling while realizing “chicken position”. A little confusing, a little lunar. In the room, a few eyebrows are raised. “I have a hard time knowing what I think about it. In the middle of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?asks an executive.

Time to get over it, Marie Toussaint arrives on stage. At the desk, in front of a French and European flag, the head of the list warns that the 2024 campaign will be more difficult than that of 2019. At the time, Yannick Jadot was the surprise of the election by rising to third place (13.48%). “We took advantage of a political and social context that was favorable for political ecology”she recalls, evoking in particular the “climate marches” which were held in the weeks before the vote. “We campaigned with the wind at our backs. This time we will campaign with the wind in our face.”announces Marie Toussaint, judging that the adversaries of political ecology have multiplied in recent years.

“Mildness is political”

“We must seek out each vote as if it were the last day of our fight, and start again each morning as if it were the first morning of the world”, demands Marie Toussaint. To convince, the head of the list does not want to play the “matamores that show the muscles” but conversely lead a campaign advocating “sweetness”. “I say again here that gentleness is political, because it refuses to let force make the law,” she proclaims.

The head of the list does not hesitate to wink at right-wing voters. “Refuse to be drawn into the anti-climate crusade of the right and the far right”she asks them. “You will criticize me for speaking to the right. I’m not naive. But I believe in the power of ecology: a day will come when we will have conquered the minds of the last of the Mohicans of liberalism. she ures.

The ecologist also warns that she should not be counted on to participate “in the war of the left”. “But that doesn’t stop us from speaking frankly”she emphasizes, before calling out Raphaël Glucksmannthe very likely future head of the socialist list. “Raphaël, if you can hear me, can you ask Carole Delga to stop support the A 69 ? It is not compatible with ecology, not compatible with the fight against climate change, not compatible with the pulsations of life”. On the left, the European election campaign is well underway.

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