between distributors and manufacturers, war is declared

By Emma Confrere

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On the left, a poster removed by Carrefour on its spring water. On the right, an Intermarché campaign against Findus. Carrefour and Intermarché

DECRYPTION – In a context of inflation and constrained household budgets, for the past few weeks, all shots have been allowed to direct customers to the shelves.

In supermarkets, customers only see the tip of the iceberg. The rays are peaceful, calm, as usual. Behind the scenes, however, the battle rages on between distributors and manufacturers. In this new school year marked by persistent inflation that is crushing households, all shots are allowed. When asked who is responsible for soaring prices, everyone blames each other and tries to convince public opinion.

Objective: to attract the good graces of consumers, and to put pressure on the other party, with a view to the negotiations to come which promise to be brutal. For supermarket chains, the aim is also to encourage customers to buy their private label products, and to abandon those of national brands. But the big industrial groups have not yet said their last word, leading to a real war.

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