between Russia and sport, Mazepin made his choice

During an interview for a Russian media, the former driver of the American team Haas affirms that he “will not give up his country. »

The war between Russia and Ukraine officially started on February 24th. Since then, repercussions have also been felt in the world of sport. This is the case of Nikita Mazepin, of Russian nationality, ex-pilot of the American team Haas. In early March, his contract was terminated following the armed conflict.

The FIA ​​allows Russian drivers to participate in races, but only under a neutral banner. A solution swept away by the 23-year-old pilot. " People should not be judged. We are athletes. Everyone chooses, but I won't give up my country » he says to

His father, Dmitry Mazepin, held part of the Uralkali company, one of the sponsors of Haas, from which the stable also separated. Today, father and son are placed, by the European Union, on a list of personalities “having an activity in economic sectors which constitute a substantial source of income for Russia. »

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