Between the French and work: the great divorce?

Between the French and work: the great divorce?

The TDTE chair proposes to create a “new work pact”, including better recognition of arduous jobs, higher wages, particularly for the unskilled, better quality of life at work and the requirement of career prospects. ANDBZ/ANDBZ/ABACA

DECRYPTION – Rejecting the idea of ​​generalized laziness, a study considers it possible to create 2.2 million jobs by 2032, a remedy for deficits.

While opponents of the pension reform refuse to work two more years, that young couples have left the big cities after the Covid to go green and that the telework is expanding, have the French suddenly become lazy?

This idea gained momentum in the wake of the “great quit” in the United States, where employees voluntarily quit their jobs to change jobs, seek another job or retire from the labor force.

Under the controversial title “The French and work: divorce?”, The question was at the heart of a symposium, organized Thursday by the chair Demographic Transitions, Economic Transitions (TDTE), and led by economists Jean-Hervé Lorenzi and Alain Villemeur. But with the objective of combating this received idea and demonstrating that the French reality is different.

As proof, the employment rates of young people, aged 20 to 24 or 25 to 29, have been on the rise since the mid-19s…

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