Beware of false investments usurping the identity of several banks, offered on social networks

When it comes to scams, savers are a nice target. The ACPR, the French banking and insurance regulator, has just warned this Wednesday against the proliferation of false investments offered by scammers usurping the identity of the Barclays, Boursorama and Revolut banks.

A scam that is much more common than you think. The figures are even edifying: the damage suffered by victims of financial scams in France, according to the AMF, is estimated at around 500 million euros per year.

In general, handling is simple and known For years. Victims respond to adver on social networks or on sites intended to collect personal data. They are attracted by investments at rates higher than those of the market or offering advantages for the saver.

Canving by telephone and email

Once hooked, according to the APCR, victims are often approached by telephone and email. There ; scammers often invite them to make transfers to accounts opened with these establishments but using domain names resembling those of these establishments.

Thus the ACPR has identified numerous sites or email addresses using variations around the names of the three establishments targeted. For example, for the British online bank Revolut, creations such as,,,…

Before making a placement, the Authority recommends consulting the blacklists which it regularly updates, on In addition, before investing your savings, the APCR recommends finding out who you are talking to on the other end of the line. Simply call the bank’s head office to verify that the person you are talking to is indeed an employee of the company.

In the event of a scam, “if you have been the victim of this fraud, the ACPR invites you to file a complaint as soon as possible,” she insists.

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