Beyoncé and Jay Z’s new villa is the most expensive in California: 200 million dollars for Tadao Ando’s house-sculpture

The golden duo of US music Beyoncé and Jay-Z has achieved a new record. Together they bought a new super villa in Malibu (Los Angeles), which turns out to be the most expensive in all of California. The villa – designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando for an initial value of 295 million dollars – was purchased by the couple at a cost of 200 million dollars. Note: paid in cash.

The property – whose construction took about fifteen years – is surrounded by 40,000 square meters of garden and is located on a promontory overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The villa was sold to the couple by the collector William Bell, who in 2003 had already bought the property for 14.5 million. The house – made up of a modern mix of gl and concrete – has a swimming pool, some water features, a helipad and even a not exactly small outbuilding.
“This is the second most expensive property in the country – reads the TMZ website – in first place a New York apartment worth 238 million dollars”.

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Emanuela Minucci

In fact, in the more general picture of the United States, the record seems to remain the prerogative of the entrepreneur Ken Griffin, who – in 2019 – bought a $ 238 million house in Central Park (New York). With their purchase, Beyoncé and Jay Z have therefore “only” surped the supremacy of the entrepreneur Marc Andreessen, whose house – moreover close to that of the couple – has a value of 177 million dollars.

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