Big hit via WhatsApp – Breaking news – Sözcü

Big hit via WhatsApp – Breaking news – Sözcü

The fraudsters, who reached the information of V.Ö., who was dealing with trade in Istanbul, seized the business person’s WhatAapp account. The suspects, who met with V.Ö.’s friends over WhatsApp, received 605 thousand liras, saying “I need money to borrow”.

Big hit via WhatsApp

The teams of the Anti-Cyber ​​Crime Branch took action after the businessman V.Ö. was defrauded by the suspects who took over the phone line.

Businessman V.O. was engaged in trade. He always needed cash for his job. Money was exchanged among his friends doing the same job, according to their needs. However, recently V.O. He encountered an unexpected situation. The fraudsters, who seized the personal information of V.Ö., called the operator used by the businessman and forwarded his phone number to another GSM line. In this way, the suspects also seized the Whatsapp application of V.Ö.


At this stage, the scammers started asking for urgent money by sending a message to V.Ö.’s friends. Thereupon, V.Ö.’s friends TT and YYB sent 605 thousand liras. Realizing the situation, the businessman went to the Istanbul Anti-Cyber ​​Crime Branch and filed a complaint.


Investigations determined that the suspects were RA, CG, MD and EK. The suspects whose addresses were determined were caught in the operation. It was learned that the suspects took gold with some of the money. All four of the suspects, whose procedures were completed at the police station, were arrested.

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