Blindfold, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz reacts with humor after his fall

“I look forward to the memes”. It is with humor and self-mockery that the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz shared on social networks Monday morning a photo of his face and his blindfolded eye, victim of a fall during a jog on Saturday in Potsdam (Germany). “Thank you for the wishes of recovery, it is less serious than it looks! ” he added.

The injury of the Bundeskanzler had been announced on Saturday evening by a spokeswoman for the German government. This forced Olaf Scholz to cancel his scheduled engagements for the day and the next few days. “He suffers from bruises on his face,” said the spokesperson.

His “particularly swollen” right eye

According to the German newspaper Picture, the 65-year-old tripped, couldn’t catch himself and fell face down. His bodyguards were at his side and intervened. As a precaution, he then spent the day on Sunday in his apartment in Potsdam, not far from Berlin. Always according to Picturehis right eye is “particularly swollen” and the chancellor suffers from several bruises on the right side of the face, as can be seen in the photo shared.

The Social Democrat was to take part in political meetings in support of his party’s candidates in view of the regional elections scheduled in Hesse next month. Interior Minister Nancy Faeser is leading the Social Democratic Party (SPD) list for this election in Hesse.

Olaf Scholz has been a regular runner for several years. “I run two, three times a week and on Sundays an hour and a half,” he testified a few years ago in an interview. His schedule scheduled for next week will not be disturbed by Sunday’s injury, however.

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