Bndes approves R$1.45 billion for highways in Rio Grande do Sul

O Bndes approved financial support of R$1.45 billion for CCR ViaSulwhich operates a 473.4-kilometer road concession, formed by sections of BR-101, 290, 386 and 448 in Rio Grande do Sul. Of this amount, R$900 million will be released through the subscription of debentures, which was coordinated by the bank itself , and R$550 million through Bndes Finem, the institution’s traditional line for financing ventures.

The resources will make it possible the continuity of the concessionaire’s investments in expanding traffic capacity – resulting in greater integration of cargo transit between the Northwest of the State and the Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre – and in road improvement and maintenance works, even in the face of the increase in road input costs caused by the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. Such events generated disruptions in global supply chains, with a general increase in the prices of materials such as asphalt, cement, steel and asphalt emulsions.

“The inflation of the main inputs in the construction sector directly affected highway concessionaires in the investment phase, such as CCR Viasul, which requested new financial support from Bndes to face the increase in costs observed. The granting of new financial support in this context reinforces the bank’s commitment to supporting infrastructure projects, especially in times of greater risk”, emphasizes the superintendent of the Bndes Infrastructure Area, Felipe Borim.

In addition to the operation of various services to users and the recovery and maintenance of highways, the contract signed between the concessionaire and the National Land Transport Agency (ANTT) in 2019, in total, 608 kilometers of new lanes will be implemented on the main road, 225.2 kilometers of which will be duplications, 76 kilometers of new side lanes, 85 new intersections, 32 footbridges, 59 access improvements, lighting of urban crossings , camera monitoring service, among other interventions, some of which are already underway.

Historic – CCR ViaSul is a specific purpose company controlled by CCR SA It was created to operate for 30 years the highway concession of BRs-101, 290, 386 and 448, which p through 36 cities in Rio Grande do Sul. This is the second operation financing contracted with the concessionaire. In 2019, Bndes approved R$1.24 billion for investments in the concession. The new financial support is complementary to the previous one, extending the period of supported investments until 2035.

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