Bonfire, sausages, fun in the open air – that is the perfect end of the school year

Students of the Polish community school of the Polish Cultural Foundation in Clark, NJ completed their education in an unusual way. There was no roll call or academy. In return, the foundation offered students a bonfire, refreshments and lots of outdoor experiences.

Joanna Macioszek

“We wanted to keep this moment in the students’ memory, so that they would not only remember the end of the school year with joy, but also longingly return to school in September” – says one of the teachers at the Polish community school in Clark.

The inauguration of the end of teaching began on Friday, May 19 in the late afternoon. Students and their parents were invited to a place specially prepared for this purpose, in the green areas belonging to the foundation. Cl moms were very happy to help in preparing a hot meal and desserts. Grilled sausages, dumplings with strawberries, lots of sweets and fruits were served.

The younger students quickly integrated and started team games and activities. The leading game was “One two three, baba yaga is watching”. Older students reminisced about the funniest moments in school life, and also jiggled to the rhythm of loud music.

“One by one, happy students ran up to me and shouted over the music that it was the best day of their lives” – emphasizes one of the teachers of the school in Clark.

The parents also integrated – there was no end to the talks. After a joint meal and exhausting fun, it was time to say goodbye and hand out certificates, diplomas and prizes. Małgorzata Stępień, president of the cultural foundation in Clark, thanked parents, teachers and students, stressed the importance of promoting Polish culture, tradition and patriotism. Mr. Tomasz Szypowski also added that the fate of the foundation depends on the young generation, which – as he hopes – will continue the foundation’s mission and work in the future. After a short official part, there was a long-awaited moment, i.e. the distribution of certificates and promotion to the next cl.

At the end of the event, everyone was invited to join the Memorial Day Parade on Monday, May 29. All interested in participating in the prada should be at 8:30 in the morning at the building of the cultural foundation in Clark, from where the integrated group will set off to take part in the parade organized by the city of Clark.

The Polish Cultural Foundation in Clark has started registration for the new school year. It invites all interested parties to the website and Facebook or Instagram pages. You can enroll children from the age of 3.

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