Boom! Boom! Artemy Troitsky continues the story about the Lyminyan family

The third album Costa Blanca (2013), as the name implies, is largely inspired by impressions of the Spanish Mediterranean coast. In terms of style and sound, it differs slightly from previous works: lighter, acoustic, with impressionistic instrumental pieces. On the track My Black Sabbath (not the slightest relation to the English heavy metal group) Marie sings in French, and Lionel accompanies on the piano and plays an Indian solo on the sitar.

In 2014-2015 in life and career Les Limiñanas important fateful events took place: Lionel and Mary met and became strong friends with their great countryman – a composer, pianist and unsurped musical eccentric Pascal Comelad. Another proof that the difference in age (20 years, no less) and musical arsenal is not an obstacle if you combine good taste and healthy adventurism. I believe that it was Comelad who introduced and recommended the duo to a large French record company Because Music. The first result of cooperation and a new contract was a joint album Traite de guitarres triolectriaue (2015), mainly experimental instrumental in content. Actually, that’s when – and thanks again to Comelad – I first learned about the wonderful French family duet and made the Limignan couple regular visitors to “Music on Freedom”.

The fourth (and the first, subjected to solid marketing) album of the Limignan family, Malamore (“Nelyubov”, 2016), was released in the spring of 2016. In addition to Pascal Comelad, another star guest – a former b guitarist – participated in the recording Joy Division and New Order Peter Hook. From here I chose the track El Beachwhere Lionel’s suggestive “Genzburian” recitative gradually turns into a psychedelic orgy on the verge of a nightmare.

Another album Shadow People (“Shadow people”) was published at the very beginning of 2018. A new friend participated in the recording, which took place partly in Berlin Limiñanasalso a prominent post-60s man Anton Newcombthe leader The Brian Jonestown Macre. To my taste, this is the dullest work of the duo – not that it is commercially oriented or compromising, but without surprises. The female part in the title song is performed by a new friend – a famous French actress Emmanuel Seiner. Mutual sympathy went so far that Lionel, Marie, Anton and Emmanuel created a musical quartet called L’epee and released (so far the only) album Diabolique (2019).

Music Les Limiñanas was initially distinguished by its “atmosphericity”, and tracks from their albums were periodically used in films and TV series (in particular, NVOshnoy Russian Doll). So serious work on film was only a matter of time – and that time has come. Among the group’s latest releases are as many as four soundtracks: Le Belle Été (2019) and The World We Knew (2021), The Devil inside me (2021) and The ballad of Linda L.(2022). From the first is an atypically heartfelt song One blood circle performed by the famous rock chanson Etienne Dao.

The last non-cinematic work Limiñanas – album De Pelicula (2021), recorded together with one of the main French DJs and electronic artists by Laurent Garnier (appeared in “Music on Freedom”). Quite an unexpected combination from the series “either pan or lost”. As it seemed to me, rather “disappeared”; after all, techno music is not at all an organic element for the sensual, even melodramatic inhabitants of Perpignan. Now I’m looking forward to the second album of the duet with Pascal Komelad: he only saw the light and called it Boom! Boom! And we will say goodbye to the Limignan family with a magnificent electric guitar instrumental “People and Shadows” from the soundtrack of the film “The World We Knew”.

Playlist of the 304th edition of “Music on Freedom”

1. Pere Ubu (USA/UK). Nyah Nyah Nyah, LP TROUBLE ON BIG BEAT STREET (Cherry Red)

2. Pere Ubu (USA). Mona, LP WHY I HATE WOMEN (Smog Veil)

3. Minyeshu (Ethiopia/Holland). Marewa, LP NETSA (ARC)

4. Matt Elliott (UK/France). January’s song, LP THE END OF DAYS (Ici d’Ailleurs)

5. Les Limiñanas (France). Salvation, LP ELECTRIFIED (Because)

6. Ibid. My Black Sabbath, LP Ibid

7. Ibid. El Beach, LP Ibid

8. Ibid. Shadow people, LP Ibid

9. Ibid. One blood circle, LP Ibid

10. Ibid. Les hommes et les ombres, LP Ibid

11. BNNY (USA). Take that back, LP EVERYTHING (Fire Talk)

12. Starlight embly (UK/Italy). Look what we’ve wasted, LP STARLIGHT & STILL AIR (Beacon Sound)

13. Amami (Switzerland). Highway Delhi, LP SOLEIL (Bongo Joe)

14. Chabuka Amiranashvili (Georgia). Abandoned village, LP LE MURMURE DE DUDUK (MemoMusic)

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