Bordeaux-Bègles “wanted to regain his pride” against Brive, underlines Miquel

Antoine Miquel (third line of Bordeaux-Bègles, winner of Brive 33-13): “It feels good, especially with the bonus bonus. It was long, we don’t play against painters, it’s a great Top 14 team that is not necessarily in its place. It was complicated, the first minutes were a little tense, we weren’t too awake, they got into their game well. The first try does us good, frees us and behind it we continue. We found ourselves a little in the game, in this game of movement and passing. We wanted to evacuate the frustration of Perpignanand regain our pride. It speaks a lot around us, we had to appeal to our pride and show that the face we had in recent weeks was not us. This is the first attacking bonus of the season which will give confidence, we will be able to leave for the European Cup with a little lighter head. After the departure of Christophe (Urios) we didn’t have to change everything, that we revolutionize everything because casually, that’s what has worked for the past three years. We found this enthusiasm to play standing up, we put them at risk when we carried the ball even if we still have some waste.»

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