Bordeaux-Rodez cannot be replayed quickly

When will Bordeaux-Rodez be played, stopped (0-1) Friday in the 23rd minute after the attack on the Ruthénois striker Lucas Buades by an ultra from Bordeaux, if the Disciplinary Committee of the League, which must render its decision on Monday, decides to have him replay? There is the question. Nothing says to date that the meeting will be. But if that were the case, in theory, the LFP competitions commission can roughly reschedule it whenever it wishes. The objective of the LFP will be to freeze the clification of L2 as soon as possible in order to ratify promotions and relegations.

As we wrote on Tuesday, Bordeaux-Rodez cannot be rescheduled between June 12 and 20, the FIFA international period during which selection matches are played. The verdict of the Disciplinary Committee being scheduled for June 12, in the best of cases, this last L2 meeting of the 2022-23 financial year would then be held at best in the week of June 19.

If Bordeaux-Rodez is well replayed, he will not be able to resume, as required by French regulations, where he was stopped, that is to say in the 23rd minute of play and at 1-0 for Rodez. It would start at 0-0 for 90 minutes plus added time.

Bordeaux risks a heavy sanction

Due to the seriousness of the facts, the Girondins de Bordeaux club risks a heavy sanction which could, according to the disciplinary scale of the body, go from the withdrawal of points with a match to be replayed to a defeat on green carpet and therefore the three points for Rodez. A scenario which cannot be excluded and which would displease, in addition to Bordeaux, Annecy which would be doubled in the clification by the Ruthénois and then demoted to National.

The mayors of Bordeaux and Annecy, Pierre Hurmic (Europe Écologie les Verts) and François Astorg (Various ecologist), wrote jointly to Amélie Oudéa-Castéra to tell her how much they would like the match to be replayed. The Minister of Sports and the Olympic and Paralympic Games replied to them in two letters dated June 6 that L’Équipe was able to consult.

His message is unequivocal: “Rest ured that I fully measure the sporting and extra-sporting impacts of the decision of the Disciplinary Committee, which will have the final say on the sanctions to be applied and the follow-up to be given to the match for the outcome of the Championship, writes the minister. In the name of sporting fairness, which you rightly defend and with full respect for the independence of the Disciplinary Committee, I hope that it can carry out its work with complete impartiality. As an elected official, you are particularly attached, like me, to the justice of our country, including in sports matters. It is therefore up to you and me to rely on the competent sports authorities in disciplinary matters.. Mrs. Oudéa-Castéra adds that she has “full confidence in the Disciplinary Committee”. Five more days before the long-awaited verdict.

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