Border Collie dogs will participate in trials from 2024

Ana Esteves, special for JC

It’s time for canines to join the list of great champions of Expointer. From the 2024 edition of the fair, the Border Collie dogs will also participate in breed-specific judging. “Some time ago, we carried out grazing tests with the animals, which are rewarded. But, in 2024, we have sworn terms to ess racial standards”, says Border Collie breeder and member of the Border Collie ociation of Mercosur (ABCM), Carla Krebs.

So that the animals can participate in the judgments, they will need to arrive at the park in advance and stay in specific stalls, as with the other species that participate in Expointer. “Kennels will be built to house them before and during the fair”explains Carla.

This Saturday morning (02), the animals participated in a herding test in which they need to demonstrate their main skills: obeying commands, through voice or whistle, and herding the herd between the obstacles set up on the track. “It’s the only breed that needs this way, in addition to working without barking, it doesn’t stress the herd and promotes animal welfare”completes Carla.

The cattle rancher from the municipality of São Jerônimo, Daniel Ramos, says that working with dogs of this breed makes it possible to reduce costs in the property, in addition to solving, in part, the problem of lack of labor in the field. “Hiring a good pawn is very difficult, in addition to being expensive. The dog does this work at the same time as having fun, as herding is part of his leisure ”, he explains.

Carla explains that training the dogs starts when they are around one year old, in the rearing phase, when they have a lot of contact with the owner to create a bond. Afterwards, he is placed with the herd and begins work instinctively, obeying the commands, usually in English, as the animals participate in international championships. “There are several movements like looking back, forward, walking left or right and the dog looks for the sheep or cattle individually, or the whole herd”, explains Carla.

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