Borys Kagarlytsky sent a letter from the pre-trial detention center to his relatives and ociates

Activists published on social networks the letter of sociologist and political scientist Borys Kagarlytskyi, who was arrested in the case of justifying terrorism. As noted, they managed to negotiate with Kagarlytskyi, who handed them a letter addressed to relatives and ociates. The sociologist himself asked to put this text in open access, writes Rabkor.

“This is not the first time in my life. I was imprisoned under Brezhnev, beaten and threatened with death under Yeltsin. And now it is the second arrest under Putin. Those in power change, but the tradition of imprisoning political opponents, alas, remains But the willingness of many people to make sacrifices for the sake of their convictions, for the sake of freedom and social rights, remains just as unchanged,” the letter says.

Boris Kagarlytsky writes that his current arrest can be called “recognition of the political significance of his statements.” At the same time, he notes with irony that he would prefer to receive recognition in a slightly different form. “Everything has its time. In the more than 40 years that have ped since my first arrest, I have learned to be patient and understand how fickle political fortunes are in Russia,” Kagarlytsky notes.

In the letter, the sociologist reports that in Syktyvkar pre-trial detention center, where he has been held since July, he has not yet been allowed to use the books he took with him. Books are checked for extremism. “They allow me to receive letters. I received a lot of them. And they can be answered. In this sense, it is easier now than under Brezhnev. It is also much better with this one. There is a box where I can put money for me,” the political scientist writes.

Kagarlytsky concludes that “in general, it is possible to live” in a pre-trial detention center. “The only question is how long it will last. But it’s not just my problem anymore. Millions of people all over the country are thinking the same thing. So we have a common fate regardless of where and in what conditions we are,” – writes Kagarlytskyi.

He thanked everyone who expressed solidarity with him, who demanded his release and wrote to him in prison. “Of course, it is necessary to seek the release of all political prisoners. Sooner or later it will happen. And for some reason I think that sooner rather than later,” Borys Kagarlytsky concludes the letter.

The FSB accuses Kagarlitsky of “calling for terrorism using the Internet.” Kagarlitskyi’s lawyer, Sergey Erokhov, reported that the political scientist’s post about the explosion on the bridge in Crimea annexed by Russia, which occurred in October last year, was the reason for the criminal case. In his telegram channel, published on October 8, Kagarlytskyi stated that from a “military point of view” the meaning of the explosion is clear: “there will be problems with supplies.”

  • 64-year-old Boris Kagarlytsky is a sociologist, political scientist, director of the Institute of Globalization and Social Movements, a well-known left-wing publicist, and a member of the dissident movement in the USSR. In 2022, he was included in the list of so-called foreign agents by the Ministry of Justice.
  • On August 7, it became known that Rosfinmonitoring entered Boris Kagarlitskyi into the register of extremists and terrorists.

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