Boudjellal lights up Novès after its release on Laporte and Simon

Guy Novès, the former coach of the XV of France, did not mince his words recently when commenting on the legal troubles Bernard Laporte and Serge Simon, at the origin of his departure from the France team. “I can’t be happier, happier, than to see the shit they’re in“, he had snapped. In response to this muscular outing, Mourad Boudjellal answered him sharply in his weekly column broadcast on Rugbyrama .

Guy, know that this disappoints me enormously. You are a brilliant person, you have a track record to make all the coaches of the Top 14 green with envy and even more, you are rather intelligent in rugby and cultivated. And I don’t understand why at this level you can rejoice in the misfortunes of others. When we rejoice in the misfortunes of others, it means that we have a shitty lifedid he declare. And I didn’t think you were. Maybe there are things going on in your life that we don’t know about. But you really have to have a shitty life to be happy because the others are in shit.»

And the former Var leader added: “And I don’t recognize the fine strategist that you are. Imagine if Serge Simon and Bernard Laporte get away with it and are not condemned and in one year France is world champion, there, you will eat! You always have to plan for the next move! Because Bernard Laporte will be happy to say it: “If we were world champions, it’s because I fired Guy Novès because he sucked!” And there you are going to eat because as he will be world champion, everyone will agree with him. »

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