Boxing is still banned from the Olympics in 2028

The question of the presence of boxing at the Olympic Games “is in no way related to boxing or the boxers, but to the practices and activities of the IBA”. The International Olympic Committee on Tuesday multiplied the uppercuts against the IBA (international amateur boxing federation) at the end of the second day of meeting of its executive board. For Lausanne, it’s clear, the IBA is doing nothing to stay on the Olympic program after 2024. Concerned for years about issues of governance, financial transparency or the integrity of its arbitration processes, the IOC has sent the IBA a new letter indicating that it was out of the question for the moment to lift his suspension.

“The IBA has not provided evidence that it has successfully addressed current concerns”

Withdrawn from the Olympic program for the 2028 Games, boxing retains a chance of returning to it subject to improving on the disputed points. But it’s still just as bad. “If a decision were to be made today regarding this edition of the Games, wrote the IOC in its letter, the IOC Executive Board would not be in a position to recommend to the Session that boxing be included in the sports program under the authority of the IBA, given that the latter had not provided evidence that it had successfully addressed current concerns about its governance, financial transparency, sustainability, and the integrity of its arbitration and adjudication processes. »

While the boxing events will be directly managed in 2024 in Paris by the IOC, we do not see how the IBA could raise the bar in a few months. The solution obviously does not go through the body chaired by the Russian Umar Kremlev. The Los Angeles Games program should be stopped in 2023.

It was also in 2023 that we expected to see the host city of the 2030 Winter Games designated on Tuesday. But we will have to wait at least until 2024. the landscape of winter sports in view of the election of the host of the 2030 edition and beyond.

The members of the Executive Board had during their debates a discussion on the consequences of climate change, the sustainability of winter sports and the opportunities and challenges for the future. In particular, they mentioned the risk of seeing fewer and fewer countries being able to host winter sports. The IOC therefore gives itself time to think before choosing. Salt Lake City and Sapporo are the favorite cities.

The IOC has discussed the possibility of a 2030-2034 double allocation as was the case with the Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028 Games, but nothing has been decided. But the mere fact of mentioning it publicly suggests that this is the path that could be followed.

The situation in Afghanistan studied

Finally, the IOC looked into the situation of several National Olympic Committees, in particular those of India and Afghanistan. Regarding Afghanistan, the Executive Board considered a report on the Olympic and sports movement in Afghanistan since the return to power of the Taliban in 2021. IOC officials strongly condemned the latest restrictions imposed by the Afghan authorities on women and men. young girls in Afghanistan, which prevent them from practicing a sport in the country and they issued conditions regarding the maintenance of its support for the Afghan NOC or Kabul’s participation in the Paris Games. In particular, this requires safe and inclusive access to sport for women and girls.

The IOC was also satisfied with the progress made by the Indian Olympic Committee in terms of governance. However, it is awaiting the election scheduled for Saturday of its new president to confirm the holding of the next IOC session in Mumbai in 2023.

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