Brazil could produce 16 million tons of chicken meat in 2024

The projections of chicken meat production in 2024 point for a volume around 16 million tons. The result, confirmed casewill be a new record for the historical series, exceeding the 15.44 million tons that should be produced this year. You data they were disclosed in this Tuesday (19)for the National Supply Company (Conab), during the Perspectives for Agriculture in the 2023/24 Harvest event. The good performance expected influence on production expectation of the three main types of meat in the countryestimated at 30.85 million tons in the next year.

“Once again we expect a new record in total meat production in the country, considering cattle, poultry and pork. The reduction in production inputs, such as corn, and the expansion of protein supply consolidate the downward trend in meat prices for consumers”, reinforced the president of Conab, Edegar Pretto.

Good production allows for an increase in exports without affecting the availability of the product on the domestic market. According to Conab estimates, chicken meat shipments could reach 5.25 million tons next year, an increase of 3.6% in relation to the volume projected for 2023. Domestic availability should exceed 10 .37 million tons to 10.78 million tons, an increase of 3.9%.

“The demand for chicken meat is strong. This is the most accessible protein to consumers and has a short production cycle, which allows quick responses according to market behavior. In addition to this, the occurrence of Avian Influenza in important producing countries around the world has favored Brazil, where contamination has not yet been found in commercial farms – which increases the demand for the Brazilian product”, ponders the Fibers and Basic Foods manager. from the municipality, Gabriel Rabello.

Record production estimates also for pork, rising from 5.34 million tons predicted this year to 5.5 million tons in 2024. Therefore, the panorama is similar to that found for the poultry sector, with an increase of 2.1 % in exports, estimated at 1.24 million tons, as well as a 4.8% increase in the quantity offered in the domestic market, projected at 4.34 million tons of product.

As for beef, a scenario of production and supply stability is expected. “In 2024 there is a sign that the livestock cycle process will begin to reverse. With the tendency for the rate of slaughter of females to decrease next year, it is expected that there will be stability in meat production, followed by a likely drop in the following years”, ponders Rabello.

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