Brazil is left out of the fourth wave of foreigners to leave Gaza

Brazil was not included in the fourth wave of foreigners and people with dual nationality authorized to leave the Gaza Strip, increasing the anguish of the 34 people who signed up to be repatriated by Itamaraty. The information comes from the Brazilian Representative Office in Ramallah, the capital of the West Bank. Ambador Alessandro Candeas has said he is frustrated and praying for the outcome of the drama, which has already lasted almost a month.

This Saturday morning (4), the list informed by the Egyptian government, which will receive refugees at the Rafah border post, once again included United States, with 386 people, and United Kingdom, with 112, highlighted. 51 French and 50 Germans were also allowed to leave.

According to Itamaraty, Chancellor Mauro Vieira heard from his Israeli counterpart Eli Cohen, on Friday (3), that the group will be able to leave the region by Wednesday (8).

Gaza began to be bombed daily by Israel in retaliation for the Hamas attack. From there to here, Candeas and other diplomats coordinate an operation to register Brazilians and Palestinians in the immigration process and take them as far away from danger as possible.

The task is inglorious. First, the school in the capital of the same name as the strip used as a shelter recorded nearby attacks. Afterwards, Israel ordered that the city and the entire region to its north be vacated by civilians, generating a confused and m exodus.

Finally, 18 people from the group of 34 managed to settle in two houses rented by the Foreign Ministry in Rafah, while another 16 wait in four apartments in Khan Yunis, a city 10 km away. Bombings in the region are daily.

Coordinating the exit is complex, as the names need to be authorized by Egypt, which controls the gate in Rafah, by Israel, which does not want to see Hamas members infiltrated into the groups, and by the US and Qatar mediators, the latter in contact with the Palestinian group. Israel also has to suspend attacks on the refugee crossing area, and the country has not stopped targeting Rafah.

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