Brazilian skateboard star, Rayssa Leal will be in Porto Alegre for a national circuit stage

The main Brazilian skaters in street and park disciplines will be in Porto Alegre for the STU National stage – Brazilian skate circuit -, which takes place from March 17th to 19th at the Orla do Guaíba sports complex. The biggest track in Latin America will host stars such as Rayssa Leal, Pâmela Rosa, Pedro Barros and Augusto Akio.

“It’s great to be able to compete in this stage in Porto Alegre. I am sure that the event will be crowded and with a high level of girls and a lot of competition in each maneuver”, said Pâmela, according to a note released by the City Hall of the Capital.

“Whether in the national or international environment, our skateboarding is pure. We are all here for him. We share the same ideal, which only provides good things, smiles, joy, high spirits, and all this brings energy to people”, declared Akio.

Off the slopes, artists of the highest caliber sign the visual identity of the event. In this year’s Porto Alegre stage, the mission belongs to the artist from Rio Grande do Sul, Lídia Brancher. She based her work on facts that brought elements that are part of the city’s landscape, in addition to including and disseminating women in skateboarding.

“The track on the waterfront is a public space that unites people from different parts of the city and from different social cles, with one of the most representative landscapes: the place where people connect with the Guaíba, the sunset and the animals that inhabit it. that same space”, said Lídia.

On Friday (17) throughout the day, the stage qualifiers will take place, while on Saturday and Sunday, the semifinals and finals will take place, respectively.

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