Brazilians who were in Gaza embark for Brazil and should arrive this Monday

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The group departed Cairo on the VC-2 aircraft, provided by the Presidency of the Republic, a little before 11:52 am (local time). After stops in Rome (Italy), Las Palmas (Spain) and the Recife air base, the disembarkation in Brasília is scheduled for 11:50 pm (local time). President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva must receive the pengers.

A arrival of 32 people marks the end of a long wait for the Brazilians to withdraw of the enclave governed by the terrorist group Hamas in the midst of the terrorist organization’s war with Israel, following the attacks on October 7th.

The original list had 34 names, but two people – a Brazilian mother and daughter – decided to remain in Gaza. As a result, 32 people embark, 22 Brazilians, 7 Palestinians who have RNM (National Migration Registry) and 3 Palestinians who are close family members. Among them, 17 are children, 9 are women and 6 are men.

The group is made up of people who were in the south of the Gaza Strip, in the cities of Khan Younis and Rafah. When they arrive in Brazil, they must stay for two nights in Brasília, in a FAB accommodation, recovering and resting.

A task force will be mobilized at the airport, where there will be a reception structure with representatives from the Federal Police and Federal Revenue allocated to ist in clearing documentation, if necessary.

There will also be the presence of doctors, psychologists and an immunization station to provide immediate istance.

According to Itamaraty, Not everyone has a house in Brazil and some are Palestinian, and it will be necessary to offer support and documentation to live in Brazil. Some families may be sheltered in the interior of the State of São Paulo.


Brazilians managed to leave the Gaza Strip after more than a month of waiting. After negotiations between Egypt, the United States, Israel and the terrorist group Hamas, Palestinian civilians with dual nationality were allowed to leave the Palestinian enclave.

However, for bureaucratic and security reasons, the border with Egypt was closed several times and Brazilian citizens were unable to leave the Palestinian enclave on the first lists.

The group of Brazilians were hoping to leave Gaza on Friday the 10th, but the crossing was only open for a brief period.

The chancellor of Brazil, Mauro Vieira, stated that the operation to leave the Brazilians had the collaboration of Tel-Aviv and Cairo, in a press conference held on Sunday, 12th. “What I can say is that we count so much on the side of Israel and Egypt with good will, trying to resolve the issue as happened today. If it didn’t happen before, it wasn’t just with Brazil, it was with all the other countries”, he stated.

He said that the situation of Brazilians in Gaza is “momentarily” resolved, but that the situation in the Middle East is “very serious”. According to the chancellor, Lula remains “very involved” in finding a solution to the conflict.

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