Breakdown at Gare de l’Est: traffic will resume on Wednesday, but will still be very disrupted

Finally some good news… or almost. Gare de l’Est traffic will be able to resume on Wednesday, but it will be “severely disrupted”, announced the SNCF at the end of the afternoon on Tuesday, while uncertainties hovered a few hours earlier on a return to service on Wednesday. The circulation of the TGV and TER had to be interrupted in the early morningthis Tuesday, following an “arson on electric cables” in Seine-et-Marne.

According to SNCF forecasts, there will be one in three trains on the TGV Est line and one in two trains on the Transilien P line (Meaux and Château-Thierry axes). “The service will be adapted for TER Grand-Est with services to Île-de-France stations”, specified the SNCF at 5 p.m., which had rather invited travelers to postpone their trips planned for Wednesday.

The TGVs as well as part of the TER and trains of the P line of the Transilien have not been able to enter or leave the Gare de l’Est since Tuesday morning. The traffic of the RER E, the southern form of the line P and the TER connecting Paris-Troyes-Mulhouse circulate for their part normally, specified the SNCF. “Forty-eight cable arteries, or around 600 electric cables, were damaged” in a signal box in Vaires-sur-Marne (Seine-et-Marne) in the early morning, said the company which filed the complaint. .

A “scandalous act of malice”

The Minister of Transport Clément Beaune had denounced, earlier, “a scandalous malicious act (…) with a deliberate intention to harm and very seriously disrupt traffic”, which “must be sanctioned and condemned”. He notably mentioned “traces of gasoline” and a fire “in two targeted points”, which caused “a rather exceptional, very serious incident”. The Meaux prosecutor’s office has announced the opening of an investigation for willful degradation and endangering the lives of others.

“We thought that the morning would solve the problem, this is not the case. Unfortunately all day at least the traffic will be interrupted, I invite all those who have trips planned tomorrow to keep well informed. Everything is done for a recovery as soon as possible, but we are still in uncertainty. We cannot yet guarantee the day tomorrow, ”Clement Beaune had already warned.

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