Brendan Jones winner of the New Zealand Open craft

Brendan Jones winner of the New Zealand Open craft

When you sign a 62 on Saturday, you are generally confident on Sunday. Brendan Jones did his best to enforce this logic to win the New Zealand Open trophy at the Millbrook Resort. This is his second victory on the Asian Tour after winning the Asia Pacific Panasonic in 2010.

Pro for 24 years, 52nd in the world in 2008 (his best ranking), the Australian had not lifted a trophy for four years (on the Japan Golf Tour). He obviously appreciated his Sunday 66, his final score (-18) and this title that comes from so far away: “It’s just amazing. I always loved this tournament and thought I would never win it. I do not know what to think. When you play, you don’t think about winning, you just think about playing. I hit a lot of good shots, maybe even the best two of my life to score two capital birdies (at 12 and 14) after a short slump. »

Two other birdies, at 15 and 17, paved the way for success while several players were pointing in the lead with him at -15.

Finally, Ben Campbell, Tomoyo Ikemura, Eom-Jae Woong and John Lyras all finished at a respectable distance (-15). Ben Campbell, however, played at home: “I really wanted to play eight under par this Sunday to finish at -18, reacted the latter. I just had that in mind because I suspected that Jones, who ends well in general, would not weaken. He proved it. Only, I took too many risks and I made mistakes (double bogey at 15). »

Completely inexperienced, Shae Wools-Cobb lived a Sunday in hell. The leader of the third round finished in 26th place without being able to get a birdie of the day (+7). At this level, the profession often makes the difference.

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