Brest wins in Strasbourg and leaves the red zone, Montpellier crushes Angers

Brest wins in Strasbourg and leaves the red zone, Montpellier crushes Angers

Strasbourg-Brest: 0-1

The opposition at the bottom of the table between Brestois and Strasbourgeois saw the Bretons win on the lawn of La Meinau thanks to an achievement by Franck Honorat (1-0). The end of the match was however that of Strasbourg. Dominating in the last quarter of an hour, Frédéric Antonetti’s men failed to equalise. Éric Roy and his team (15th) come out of the red zone while the Alsatians are getting dangerously close again (16th).

Reims-Ajaccio: 1-0

The weeks follow one another and look alike for the people of Reims. The Champenois received AC Ajaccio and were keen to continue their impressive series of unbeaten in the Championship (18 matches now). The outcome of the meeting took shape in the last seconds of the game. Near the surface, Jens Cadjus delivered his own by rolling up a superb strike from the right (90th + 5). A shot just under the bar which maintains the excellent dynamics of Will Still and his formation. Reims signs a fifth clean sheet in a row in L1 and goes back to 8th place, the Corsicans are 18th.

Montpellier-Angers: 5-0

The ordeal of Angers continues tirelessly every week. This Sunday, the red lantern of Ligue 1 suffered a new rout against Montpellier who had fun. From the outset, Khazri scored the first goal of the game (2nd). The beginning of a surge that would last the entire meeting. Savanier, twice (25th, 51st) weighed down the mark while Maoussa (45th + 3) and Wahi (73rd) exploited the largesse of an Angevin defense in distress.

Toulouse-Clermont: 0-1

In the soft belly duel between Clermont and Toulouse, the former overcame the latter at the Stadium, thanks to a strike from Khaoui in the middle of the skylight (76th). The Auvergnats won their first victory for seven matches. Téfécé struggles for its part to garner points and has a third loss in a row in the Championship.

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