Brexit: most Britons in favor of returning to the single European market, according to a poll

Almost four years after Brexit, 57% of Britons would support this proposal, and 22% would be opposed to it, indicated the YouGov institute, which surveyed 2,138 adults between Friday and Sunday. 52% of those surveyed also believe that leaving the EU was not the right decision.

Joining the European single market would restore the free movement of goods, services and also people between the United Kingdom, the European Union and other non-EU countries such as Norway.

A turnaround that is symbolic to say the least, when we know that Brexit was largely based on the promise of “regaining control” of British borders.

Increase in illegal arrivals since 2020

Since 2020, legal and illegal arrivals in the territory – notably via migrant boats crossing the Channel – have skyrocketed, putting the British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak under pressure a few months before the legislative elections, scheduled for the end of 2024.

The end of freedom of movement and the tightening of immigration rules have contributed to a labor shortage in some sectors, and British businesses have also complained of increased red tape for exports to the EU.

Logically, the British who voted against Brexit are the most inclined to a return to the single market (83% of respondents), while only 35% of those who voted for leaving the EU in 2016 would be in favor of this proposal, detailed YouGov in its study.

The leader of the Labor Party Keir Starmergiven the winner of the next legislative elections, ured that he would not seek to join the 27, the single market or the customs union in the event of victory, despite his opposition to Brexit.

But for Fintan Smith, head of political research at YouGov, Labor could adopt a bolder stance on the subject, knowing that 72% of Britons surveyed – supporters or not of Brexit – are in favor of closer trade ties with the EU.

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