Britney Spears’ sister in the casting of “Dancing with the Stars” in the United States

The entire cast of the 32nd edition of the American dance competition was revealed Wednesday on the show “Good Morning America” with, among the participants, Jamie Lynn Spears.

On September 26, ABC and Disney+ will broadcast the launch of season 32 of “Dancing with the stars”. In the United States, the dance competition known in France as ” Dance with the stars “ has existed since June 2005 and is distributed at the rate of two editions per year. Followed by more than 20 million viewers until 2011, entertainment has seen its audiences decline over the years and is now struggling to exceed 6 million curious people.

ABC nevertheless continues to produce this great show, with the Disney+ platform, with fourteen celebrities in the cast of the 32nd edition. Among them, the actress and singer Jamie Lynn Spears little sister of Bryan and Britney Spears. At 32, the mother of two children was revealed in 2005 by playing the main role in the series Zoe 101 on Nickelodeon. “I am probably my biggest enemy in this competition”she said on “Good Morning America” about her participation in “Dancing with the Stars.” “If I can get out of my head and enjoy the experience with everyone here, it will be a win for me.” »

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Another known name, that ofAlyson Hanniganrevealed between 1997 and 2003 for her role by Willow Rosenberg in the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer . Various American reality TV personalities complete a cast also made up of the singer Jason Mraz and the actress Mira Sorvino. On November 21, season 31 of “Dancing with the Stars” was won by the star of the social network TikTok Charli d’Amelio.

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