Brothers command delivery of stuffed bread in Porto Alegre and project 400% growth in revenue

The delivery service has been registering a significant growth in the number of users and businesses. Those who understand this well are Fábio and Lisie Mallmann. The brothers command the Castro’s baguettea company dedicated to delivery of stuffed bread to homes in Porto Alegre. Orders can be made via Instagram (@baguettedacastro) or WhatsApp (51) 99624-8255.

The flagship of Baguette da Castro are the babkas. The buns are braided and have four filling options: parma and gorgonzola, fig and walnuts, four cheeses and buffalo and dry tomato. The product costs R$ 39.00 and is already ready. To maintain the texture and crispness of the item, the customer is advised to reheat the bread for five minutes in the oven at home.

Other options, such as sweet and savory nest breads, focaccia, quiches and, of course, traditional and stuffed baguettes, are also available. These alternatives start at R$ 16.00.


Despite the diversity of the menu, the products have one characteristic in common: are home-made by Fabio and Lisie. “Our bread is very artisanal, never one is the same as the other. And, precisely because it is a manual production, bread can have different shapes, like a heart, a garland. It’s a beautiful thing with a fantastic taste.”, say the brothers, who understand that this is the main differential of the brand.

From homemade production to a 400% increase in revenue

Fábio and Lisie remodeled Baguette da Castro over time. “The idea was to make the bread at home and deliver it on foot to customers in the neighborhood”, recalls the partner.

But reality proved that the brothers could aim for more. In the first year of operation, in 2020, Baguette da Castro recorded a growth of 30%. This year, the forecast is for a 400% increase in revenue of business. “If we went to the streets, we would multiply that number much more”, understands Fábio.

And the brothers promise to keep their word. For 2024, the plan is to open a new business that adds different operations in addition to the bakery, such as a cafeteria and confectionery, for example. “This subject of food has infinite possibilities”, dares the owner of Baguette da Castro, who says he has already produced 10,000 loaves of bread for a request from Planet Atlantis.

General information

Orders for Baguette da Castro can be made via Instagram (@baguettedacastro) or WhatsApp (51) 99624-8255. The company delivers bread in Porto Alegre. There are no products for immediate delivery. The service takes place every day and also in partner stores, such as Dutch Banking, Motu Fancy Food, bank 43 It is Three Figueiras Emporium.

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