Bruce Toussaint bids farewell to BFMTV

By Emilie Paul

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Bruce Toussaint said goodbye to BFMTV. Screenshot.

This Friday morning, the 50-year-old journalist presented his last morning show on the 24-hour news channel. From Monday January 8, he will officiate on TF1.

This Friday morning, Bruce Toussaint ensured his last morning of BFMTV as if it were a day like any other. The mayor of Romans-sur-Isère threatened with death, the resumption of fighting in Gaza, the release of Israeli hostages, the death of an 85-year-old man beaten to death in Pau, demonstrations called by activists ultra-right banned in Valence and Romans-sur-Isère, the increase in thefts before Christmas, the release of the suspect of a brutal murder in Metz, the disappearance of French brands, the clash in the National embly on immigration , the laxity of French justice…

For three hours, the journalist continued the topics without a word about his departure from the continuous news channel after five years of good and loyal service. Indeed, from Monday January 8, 2024, he will be at the helm of TF1’s morning news surrounded by a new team of columnists.

Farewell to your morning

It was only at 11:49 a.m. that Bruce Toussaint said goodbye. “A word finally to say goodbye because it’s my last here at BFMTV”began the journalist before sending the usual thanks for the circumstances: “I spent five unforgettable years thanks to you and your loyalty. I very sincerely and warmly thank the editorial staff who do a wonderful job every day throughout France and around the world to keep you informed. Thank you to the technical teams, thank you to the management, thank you to Marc-Olivier Fogiel and a special thank you to the team who prepare and design this live every day under the leadership of Simon Buisson”.

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From Monday, Ronald Guintrange and Philippe Gaudin will succeed him until January 5. From Monday January 8, while Bruce Toussaint will inaugurate the TF1 morning show, Maxime Switek will take his place in the morning chair at BFMTV. And Bruce Toussaint concludes: “We will see each other again one day or another. Have a nice day, have a nice weekend and in a few moments, Ashley Chevalier”.

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