Bruno Le Maire announces that he wants to present a Pacte II bill in favor of businesses at the start of 2024

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The Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire. CLAUDIA GRECO / REUTERS

After the Pacte I Law ped in 2019, the Minister of the Economy wishes to continue the simplification of standards that hinder business growth, mainly targeting SMEs.

THE Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maireannounced Thursday that it wanted to present a Pacte II bill at the beginning of 2024 to enable the continued simplification of standards that hinder the growth of businesses, particularly the smallest and medium-sized.

I want us to have a Pact II law», declared Bruno Le Maire during the Impact PME event organized by the Confédération des PME and BFM Business in Paris. After the Pacte I law adopted in 2019 which made it possible to “a lot» simplify the rules, «I want there to be a second step forward in simplification with a Pacte II law that I hope to be able to present in the first months of 2024“, he added.

When we put obstacles in the way of these SMEs, when we add rules, standards, obligations, paperwork, administrative constraints, it is absolutely unbearable!», Exclaimed the number two in the government. The bill will be informed in particular by the proposals submitted during the consultations organized within the framework of the “Simplification meetings», launched by Bercy in mid-November.

These simplification proposals can be sent until December 29, notably online at “We already have 300,000 voters and thousands of proposals. I think we will have half a million voters by the time the site closes», welcomed Bruno Le Maire.

As with the first Pacte law, the minister said to himself “sure there will be a majority» to Parliament to vote on this second variation. “You really have to be a politician totally disconnected from the world of business, SMEs and small businesses, not to understand that one of the first requests from a business leader today is that we stop to annoy him and make his life easier», he said in front of an audience of business leaders. “In the coming months», Bruno Le Maire also said “look at how we can reduce the gap between gross and net (salary)“, as well as “the weight of contributions“.

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