Bruno Le Maire appeals “to the responsibility of industrialists”

By Le Figaro with AFP



“Industrialists do not play the game, they refuse to come back to the negotiating table to negotiate lower prices”, lambasted the Minister of the Economy in the Quotidien program on TMC.

The Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire called on Thursday evening for the “liability of industrialistsof the food industry, insisting again that they take part in the collective effort to limit the rise in prices. “Manufacturers do not play the game, they refuse to return to the negotiating table to negotiate lower prices“, declared Bruno Le Maire in the Quotidien program on TMC, while he had received during the day the distributors Who “played the game“.

He also announced that he would receive the industrialists on Wednesday. Bruno Le Maire calls for a reopening of trade negotiations between manufacturers and distributors, “when wholesale prices fall“. Without giving a name, he said that those industrialists who do not “don’t play the game», «are large industrial companies that represent very high turnover, of several billion euros, with several thousand jobs“.

When the prices soared you called me to the rescue“, he said, addressing the food industry. “I answered present, everyone played the game“, he added. “I say to manufacturers: we helped you when it was not good for you. Now I appeal to their sense of responsibility“, did he declare. “They don’t have to take advantage of this crisis“, estimated the Minister of the Economy.

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Tax threat

When the prices of electricity and gas were soaring, we went to recover the surplus profits of the energy companies, if the industrialists do not want to show a sense of responsibility, we will do the same for the industrialists.“, he warned again. During this meeting, the heavyweights of m distribution have “collectively called on the government to take concrete steps to bring industrialists to the negotiating table“, told AFP Dominique Schelcher, CEO of System U.

If ever the agri-food manufacturers refuse to enter into this negotiation, which obviously I cannot imagine, we will all employ the instruments at our disposal, including the tax instrument, to recover margins which would be undue margins made on THE back of consumers“, warned Bruno Le Maire in the morning during a trip to Essonne.

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