Bruno Le Maire asks TotalEnergies to extend the cap to 1.99 euros in 2024

By Julien Da Sois

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The Bercy tenant wants to be confident, saying he trusts Patrick Pouyanné “so that he takes into account the difficulties of our compatriots». EMMANUEL DUNAND / AFP

The Minister of Economy again ruled out any new rebates at the pump, speaking of an “ecological aberration”, a “budgetary aberration” and a “diplomatic aberration”.

Faced with fuel prices at the top and the rise in oil prices, Bruno Le Maire still excludes any new discount. On the other hand, the Minister of the Economy wishes to put TotalEnergies to work. Invited on Franceinfo this Thursday, the tenant of Bercy asked the tanker to extend his price cap fuel at 1.99 euros per litre. Entered into force in February 2023it is due to end on December 31, 2023.

I hope that Total, which has made the commitment of capping the prices of all fuels, diesel and gasoline, extends this cap beyond December 31, 2023. It is up to Patrick Pouyanné (the CEO of TotalEnergies, editor’s note) to make the decision, declared Bruno Le Maire. I salute the choice made by Total several months ago, I trust it to take into consideration the difficulties of our compatriots. I wish he could maintain that cap.»

Asked about the question of a new government rebate, like the one that had been put in place last year, the Minister of the Economy again firmly rejected the idea, speaking of a “ triple aberration“. From a “ecological aberration“, but also of a “budget aberration“, highlighting the cost of the rebate introduced in 2022 (12 billion euros). “And then it’s a diplomatic aberration” he added, explaining that France had “not intended to pay for the political and geopolitical choices of Saudi Arabia and Russia“, referring to the further cuts in Riyadh and Moscow oil production.

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