Bruno Le Maire judges Ademe advertising “clumsy” which “advises” against purchases

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“I deeply believe in sobriety but not by targeting sellers or physical businesses, and not by feeling guilty,” added Bruno Le Maire. CLAUDIA GRECO / REUTERS

The campaign “was not very nice” for the sellers, whom it seemed to make fun of, “even indirectly”, judged the minister.

The Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire judged on Thursday “clumsy» the Ademe campaign aimed at encouraging consumers to no longer buy new products in favor of recycled products. The campaign of the ecological transition agency, which features “resellers» instead of sellers, was widely criticized by the Commerce Alliance, on the eve of Black Friday, and by the employers’ organization CPME, who fear its effect on end-of-year trade.

Bruno Le Maire considered on Franceinfo that the campaign “wasn’t very nice» for the sellers, whom she seems to make fun of, “even indirectly“. Above all, he estimated “with frankness and sincerity“, it’s awkward “with regard to commerce, especially physical commerce which is struggling and which we support, particularly in the city center“. For him, “it is a way of indirectly promoting dematerialized commerce on platforms“, and it’s “regrettable“. “I deeply believe in sobriety but not by targeting sellers or physical businesses, and not by making people feel guilty», added Bruno Le Maire.

He cited as an example the campaign launched last year by his colleague Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Minister of Energy Transition, to encourage energy savings. We were saying “+here are solutions, recommendations+, and it worked very well“, he affirmed, “recommending the same path on the consumption of clothing and household appliances“. For his part, the Minister of Ecological Transition Christophe Béchu had relayed one of the four spots of the Ademe campaign on his X account, considering instead that “This campaign on sobriety is not saying +buying is bad+. This means that +buying is not the only solution+“.

Bruno Le Maire was accompanied during his interview on Franceinfo by a young visually impaired man, Raphaël, future lawyer, who will follow him throughout his day as minister as part of Duoday, a national day for people to discover the world of work. in a situation of disability. “Improving the social model also means fighting for the widest possible inclusion of all our compatriots in our daily lives.», According to the minister.

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