Bruno Le Maire recognizes “a bug” and ures that “the correction will be automatic”

Faced with the thousands of housing tax notices sent in error in recent days, particularly to minors, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, recognized, Thursday, November 23, ” a bug “. He ured that this would be corrected automatically by the administration.

“This is not a platform bug [Gérer mes biens immobiliers, mise en place par le fisc cette année], but it is indeed a bug because the declarations arrived by mistake »declared Mr. Le Maire, asked about this on Franceinfowithout going into further detail regarding responsibilities in this matter.

These taxpayers, “in general, put the names of their children in their declarations, there was undoubtedly an excess of good will on their part”he said. “Certainly errors were made, but in any case it is not that of the platform”, he insisted. According to Mr. Le Maire, this is “a few thousand” of errors “out of several million declarations”.

“The correction will be automatic, the general directorate of public finances will take care of it, taxpayers have nothing to do: when there is an error, it is the administration which must correct it, this will be the case”he continued.

Secondary housing tax in the name of their child

Numerous cases of young people being asked for housing taxes, particularly for a ” second home “ which would be their parents’ home, have appeared since the beginning of the month.

“As every year, marginal errors could be observed in these opinions”for its part recognized the General Directorate of Public Finances (DGFiP) in a statement sent to Agence France-Presse.

This is particularly the case for users who have recently moved, the DGFiP emphasizing that notices issued in the name of minor children were “more marginal errors”. The number of requests for DGFIP services since the beginning of November by taxpayers » stay “similar to last year”she added.

She also adds that the number of tax notices on second homes sent since November 7 has increased by 3% compared to 2022, an increase according to her. “consistent with the sociological and real estate demographic evolution of the country”.

On Wednesday, the national union Solidaires-Finances publics questioned the campaign “Manage my real estate”largely responsible, according to him, for the increase in “nearly 70%” of the number of secondary housing taxes claimed by the tax authorities this year, compared to last year.

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“Some families have seen a secondary housing tax arrive in the name of their son or daughter, whether he or she is 2 years old or 7 years old! », ured the union in a press release. Owners, from the same source, would also have received a council tax notice for elements such as a balcony.

Solidaires-Public Finance, which is calling for more jobs, estimated on this occasion that “the ideological dogmatism marked by the dominant thought that digital technology can and must solve everything must end”.

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