Bruno Le Maire wants to reduce the time limit for appealing a dismissal from one year to two months

“We need drastic simplification measures for businesses,” said the Minister of the Economy.

The Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire said Saturday in The Parisian want to reduce the time limit for filing an appeal against a company to two months, compared to one year currently in the event of dismissal, within the framework of the Pacte II law. “Drastic simplification measures are needed for businesses», affirmed the Minister of the Economy in the columns of Parisian put online Saturday evening. “VSEs like SMEs, ETIs or large groups can no longer put up with paperwork and cumbersome procedures“.

Today, when you dismiss a person, an appeal against the company remains possible for 12 months. It is important that employees can be protected, but this delay is too long“, he insisted. “In all other developed countries, it’s two months. That seems like a good time frame to me.», Estimated Bruno Le Maire. He would like this change to be included in the draft Pact II lawwhich he announced on Thursday, at the same time as his ambition to present it in early 2024.

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Simplification of standards that hinder business growth

After the first Pacte law adopted in 2019, this text will be responsible for continuing the simplification of standards that hinder the growth of businesses, particularly small and medium-sized ones. The bill will be informed in particular by the proposals submitted during the consultations organized within the framework of the “Simplification meetings», launched by Bercy in mid-November.

In the interview with ParisianBruno Le Maire affirms that he also wants to include in this text a reduction of “deadlines for urban planning, commercial or public procurement disputes“. In the interview he lists other proposals for “common sense»: the automatic communication from one administration to another of information provided by companies or the simplification of factory setups.

Furthermore, when asked about senior unemployment, he reaffirmed his desire to review the duration of compensation. In mid-November, he said he wanted to lower the duration of their compensation compared to that of other unemployed people, from 27 to 18 months. And to prevent those over 55 from being “pushed out well before their retirement“, he “new proposals are needed“, he added. “We could, for example, open up the possibility for a person over 55 to have a contract for four-fifths of their time, paid at 90% and with 100% of their retirement contribution.», proposed the minister.

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