Bruno Martini prosecuted for “corruption of a minor” and “recording of child pornography images”

The world champion goalkeeper with the France team in 1995 and 2001, Bruno Martini, is being prosecuted for “bribery of a minor” and “recording of child pornography images”has revealed this Wednesday morning Franceinfo. While the World Cup is currently taking place in Poland, the current president of the National Handball League (52) was arrested and placed in police custody on Monday morning, before being brought to court on Tuesday evening in Paris.

left free “with a view to a probable appearance on prior admission of guilt” as Franceinfo indicates, Martini is the subject of a complaint from a 13-year-old child in the summer of 2020. The latter, accompanied by his mother, explained to investigators that he was approached on a social network by a man. which led him to exchange with him several selfies and videos of a sexual nature, before being offered an appointment, which the teenager ultimately did not go to.

After months of investigation, investigators from the minors protection brigade finally discovered Bruno Martini behind the pseudonym used on the Internet to contact the victim. Still according to Franceinfo, the ex-international would have admitted to having approached the young boy but would have assured to think that he was over 15 years old.

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